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Bamboo Team 2 Pcs Mask

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Grey Bej
Product Description
Made of Anti Bacterial Bamboo Rope. 
  • Natural Anti-bacterial feature
  • Very light
  • Cool feeling
  • Closest softness to cashmere and silk touch

  • Product Features
    • Designed according to the facial structure & nbsp;
    • It is a tire with a brand logo and can be adjusted & nbsp; There are snap fasteners. & nbsp;
    • There is a branded embroidery logo on the left side.
    • The mask is washable without heavy use & nbsp; & nbsp;
    • The fabric is & nbsp; it breathes comfortably as it is bamboo, does not smell. It does not weigh on your face, it is very comfortable.

    Bamboo trees, which are used as the raw material of natural yarns, are adapted with various processes and turned into fiber in the form of pulp. Then it is separated from its fibers and turned into yarn by technical processes in various machines. During these processes, attention is paid to keep the yarns completely natural and pure. Bamboo thread is a white and thin thread thanks to its natural structure. Despite being very thin, it is durable and resistant to wear. It is very suitable for knitting or weaving processes. It can also be used in a mixture with other yarn types. 
    & nbsp;
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Bamboo Team 2 Pcs Mask
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