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Utilized Wetsuit Fully Covered Swimsuit Set Black

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This swimsuit is designed for swimmers who want maximum performance in the water.
With its smooth surface and body-hugging structure, it provides an advantage to its performance by reducing friction and water retention.
Combining elegance and comfort, the short skirt is made of light and quick-drying polyamide tulle mesh.
With its pattern that wraps around the face, you will find it above your head in every style jump. The width of the trousers, on the other hand, is the most optimal way to make swimming easier and not disturb you when you go out.
In addition to all these, the functional wet bag with zipper will be indispensable in summer!

Size: S
Height: 1.77 cm

Swimsuit 4-piece suit (swimsuit-leggings-skirt-bone)
front zipper
Quick drying feature
light and thin
durable fabric
Zipper length: 30 cm
Bust: 78cm
Skirt length: 45 cm.
The product will be sent with a functional wet bag with a transparent zipper.

80% Polyamide
20% Lycra

No bleach is used.
Rinse with cold tap water after use.
Dry away from direct sunlight or heat source.
It is important for your health that the swimsuits do not stay wet.
Do not use a washing machine or dryer.
Do not use detergent or bleach.
We recommend that you follow the washing instructions for long-lasting use.


You have the right to return your product to our Customer Service Line on the date you receive it, provided that it is returned to our company the next working day, unused and undamaged, by giving negative feedback. Otherwise, your return process will not take place.

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Utilized Wetsuit Fully Covered Swimsuit Set Black
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