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Washable Bamboo Real Mask Black

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Produced from Anti-Bacterial Bamboo Rope.
  • Natural Anti-bacterial property
  • Very light
  • Feel of cool
  • Softness closest to cashmere and silk touch

Product Features
  • Designed in accordance with the facial structure 
  • Brand logo rubber and adjustable snaps available. 
  • There is a brand embroidered logo on the left.
  • The mask can be washed without heavy use 
  • The fabric because it is bamboo, it breathes easily, does not smell, does not weigh on your face, it is very comfortable. You should try it....

Bamboo trees, which are used as raw materials for natural yarns, are adapted and turned into fibers in the form of pulp after cutting and chopping in slices. Then it is separated from its fibers and turned into yarn by passing through technical processes in various machines. During these processes, care is taken to keep the threads completely natural and pure. Bamboo thread is a white and thin thread thanks to its natural structure. Although it is very thin, it is wear resistant and sturdy. It is very suitable for knitting or weaving processes. It can also be used in combination with other yarn types.


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Washable Bamboo Real Mask Black
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