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Technical Sports Hijab

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This product is designed for the active woman who likes to play it hard. 
With the nonslipping fabric and perfect coverage for
neck and head, you won’t have to worry about not being covered up enough.
While being on the move it won't slip off your head.
Breathable cotton keeps you too comfortable that your only concern
would be doubting if you have it on..

Made of lightweight and breathable fabric with a breathable and snug fit structure.
Remains stable during training and combat
The comfortable fit design and long back ensure the hijab stays in place, while the mesh fabric offers a breathable and tailored fit.
The back of the Protection Hijab has been elongated so that it does not unravel as you move.
Small strategically placed perforations for breathability
Ability to Move Flexible mesh material comes together with an elastic bond and is tailored to the person who moves with your head during fights.
It offers a structure.
It can also be used at sea.

85% Polyester
15% Lycra

Hand wash in lukewarm water.
Do not use bleach.
No dry cleaning and no dryers are used.


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Technical Sports Hijab
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